Results – 2012 Summer Nationals Qualifiers

More than 60 fencers from fencing clubs in the Washington metro area competed in the Capitol Division Qualifiers, held March 10-11, 2012 at DC Fencers Club.   High performers in this event earn the right to compete in the Div II/III (C and Under) and Y14 categories at the nation’s largest annual fencing competition, the USA Fencing Summer National Championships in Anaheim, California this summer.


For full details on all Summer Nationals qualifiers from all clubs in the Capitol Division, visit the Capitol Division Competition Results page at http://capdiv.usfencing.org/capreslt.htm


Here are DCFC top eight results and qualifiers for Summer Nationals.  After hard fought wins in epee, sabre, and foil, more than 25 DCFC fencers are among those who now have a ticket to compete at Summer Nationals.  Congratulations to you, and to all our DCFC fencers for your competitive spirit!


DIV II/III Men's Sabre Awards: Ian Richards (1), Eli Polston (2), Nick Ferrara (3), Angus Keto (5), Kashi Way (6), James Cameron (8)


DIV II/III Women's Sabre: Lillie Lanioff (1), Diane Trice (3)


Y14 Men’s Sabre: Keto, Angus (1), Campbell, Colin (2)


Y14 Women’s Sabre: Nastia Soleimani (1), Zoe Himwich (2)


DIV II/III Men's Epee- Jack Maes (1), Jack Butler (2), Daniel Grossman (3), and Lewis Sloter (6) Giacomo Sartorelli (7)


DIVII/III Women's Epee: Marissa Posner (1), Maria Schmitz (2), Malaika Nji (3), Juliana Bain (4), Kirsten Alman (5), Krysta Paradis (7), Cynthia Sirico (8), Emily Natsios (9), Tina Cooper (10)


Y14 Men’s Epee: Mateo Rueda (1), Jacob Asher (2), Jamie Gilkeson (3), Isaac Eaton (4) Ezra Wright (5), Gaetan Poirier (8)


Y14 Women’s Epee: Juliana Bain (1), Claire Busch (4), Sanzhina Erdyneeva (5), Blue Keleher (8)


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