May Medal Madness for DC Fencers Club

May 25, 2012

May was a month for medaling for many members of DC Fencers Club.  Congratulations to all our fencers for your competitive spirit, and a special salute to the following DCFC members who placed in top 8 spots in the following competitions.  Well done, all!

Captain Steere Open

May 19-20 at DC Fencers Club

DCFC Members took a clean sweep in epee at the Captain Steere Open, DCFC’s three-weapon tournament. In the mixed open epee, DCFC members took a clean sweep of the top three spots and took half of the top 16 spots out of a field of 57 competitors. DCFC sabreurs placed in the top spots as well. Well done, all!

Mixed Open Epee

Byron Neslund, Gold
Isaac Erbele, Silver,
Conrad Sutter, Bronze
Damien Lehfeldt, sixth place
Jack Maes, 9th place
Alec Walker, 10th place
Paul Klatzman, 11th place
Marcus Johnson, 15th place

Mixed Open Sabre

Eli Polston, Silver
Ian Richards, Bronze
Nick Ferrara, Bronze
Reed Srere, fifth place
James Cameron, sixth place
Angus Keto, eighth place


CFC Women’s Sabre E

May 20, Baltimore, MD

Diane Trice, Silver


The Mad Mother’s Day Referee Clinic Tourney

May 13, 2012

Ronin Fencing Center, Manassas, VA


Damien Lehfeldt, Silver, Mixed Open Epee

Daniel Grossman, 5th place, Mixed Open Epee

Julian Raul, 7th place, Mixed Open Epee


Nick Ferrara, Silver, Mixed Open Sabre

Diane Trice, 6th place, Mixed Open Sabre


Maryland Fencing Club Friday Night Epee

May 11, 2012, Abingdon, MD

Damien Lehfeldt, Gold,

Daniel Grossman, eighth place


Maryland Fencing Club Veteran Unclassified

May 6, 2012, Abingdon, MD

Jay Peterzell, Gold, Unrated Mixed Epee


RFM Spring Youth Tournament

Ronin Fencing Foundation, Manassas, VA


Y10 Mixed Sabre

Theoni Kontos, Gold

Nathaniel Landau, 5th place

Christopher Allum, 6th place

Isabel Allum, 7th place


Y 14 Mixed Sabre

Nastia Soleimani, Bronze

Erina Iwasa, 5th place

Sebastian Keefer, 6th place

Evan Moore, 7th place


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