This Saturday and Sunday, DCFC hosts two Champagne Challenges




We have something for everyone at DCFC.


On Saturday, November 1, at 3:00 pm, work off the Halloween candy at the C and Under/Division 2 Senior Mixed Epee event. Register on


Then on Sunday, November 2,  at 10:00 am, we host the Senior Mixed Epee event.  Sometimes we get Olympians like Jon Normile and Erik Boisse among the competitors.  This one’s already an A1 and it will be stronger with you!  Register on 


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Three DCFC fencers compete at the 2014 Vet Worlds in Hungary


Diane Trice and Jim Adams qualified to compete in the 2014 Veteran Fencing World Championships

DCFC sends our heartiest well wishes to Diane Trice, Jim Adams, and Peter Calderon, who are among the more than 50 vet fencers representing Team USA at the 2014 Veteran Fencing World Championships in Debrecen, Hungary on October 21-26.This is Diane’s first Vet Worlds, and she will be competing in the Vet 50 Women’s Epee event.

Jim Adams has represented Team USA 14 times, and has medaled four times in both foil and epee. He will compete in both the epee and foil events in the Vet 70 age category.

The Veteran’s World Championship is conducted by the International Fencing Federation. Competitors have included Olympic and Senior World Champion gold medalists. Trice, Adams, and other Team USA members were selected based on their best two out of three results from the 2013-2014 season.

DC Fencers Club is home to many world-class veteran fencers. Kaz Campe made history as the first American male to win a world champion title when he won the Veteran Men’s 60+ Epee event at the 1998 Veteran Worlds in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. In her second trip to Vet Worlds in 2012, Valerie Asher won bronze in Vet 50 Women’s Epee. Lisa Dobloug won the World Champion title representing Norway in Vet 60 Women’s Epee in 2005.

Best wishes to Diane, Jim, and all our Team USA members!  Follow results on the host website.


Portland NAC results


Ezra Wright wins bronze in Cadet Men’s Epee at the 2014 October North American Cup



Congratulations to DCFC fencers on great results at the Portland North American Cup, including Peter Souders, and Jacob Asch, who took bronze and eighth place in the Division 1 Men’s Sabre event. Ezra Wright garnered his highest national medal with the bronze in Cadet Men’s Epee. Kudos also to DCFC’s Margherita Guzzi Vincenti, who earned a top eight medal (sixth), alongside Olympians Courtney and Kelly Hurley and Capitol Division member Kat Holmes, who took bronze.



Jacob Asch with USA Fencing President Don Anthony at the 2014 October NAC.

Full results on


2014 Tom Wright Memorial Veteran Fencing Tournament


DCFC member Kashi Way (right) celebrates his gold medal with fellow foil fencing finalists!




Fencers with decades of experience gathered at DC Fencers Club for the Tom Wright Memorial Veteran Fencing Tournament, a three weapon tournament sponsored by the Capitol Division. The tournament honors Wright, a longtime Capitol Division fencer who fenced sabre at Harvard graduating in 1941. After retiring from a distinguished career as an architect in Washington, DC, he returned to fencing at the NIH club in the 1990’s, when he was in his 70’s. He went to England on one of the first USA veteran teams before World Veteran Championships were officially recognized.


Meet Manager Lewis Sloter noted that after Wright’s passing in the spring of 2006, the Capitol Division executive board decided to name the fall vet event after him. Before then it was known as ‘The Graybeard Duel’ and was held around Veteran’s Day.


Sloter added, “[Wright] was the only person I’ve ever met who actually fenced in a duel.”


Congratulations to all the fencers in the Capitol area on joining us for this lively event. In addition to great fencing, fencer and blogger Badger Merritt wrote about sartorial fencing flair at the tourney.


Thanks also to our referees, and to meet manager Lewis Sloter, who capped off his meet management clinic with a live tutorial at the Tom Wright. Thanks for helping us grow the sport with this training opportunity, Lewis!


A special congratulations to DC Fencers Club members Kashi Way, who took gold in the Vet Combined Mixed Foil, and to Valerie Asher, who won the women’s category for the Mixed Epee event. Both will have their names engraved on the trophies, which reside at the club. Well done!


Full results are on


Enjoy this photo essay on the DCFC Facebook page.


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The Fall Regional Youth Circuit event is no match for DCFCers


Mattias Cohen displays his Y12 Men’s Epee medal. Photo by Drew Cohen.




Congratulations to DCFC fencers on great results at the Fall Regional Youth Circuit in Richmond, Virginia last weekend! Proud parents, remember to share your pictures on the DCFC Facebook page so we can share the love!


Yunice Pyo, gold, Y14 Women’s Epee


Justin Haddad, silver, Y12 Men’s Epee


Noe Sitbon-Taylor, fifth place, Y12 Men’s Epee


Matthias Cohen, sixth place, Y12 Men’s Epee


Full results on


Each generation of world fencing champions gets its start in a beginner fencing class.   This fall, DCFC beginner fencing classes introduce young people to the benefits of this Olympic sport. Beyond the fitness benefits, fencing promotes intellectual development, decisionmaking skills, self discipline, and confidence.  Classes are open to children ages 7 and up. Beginner through intermediate fencers are welcome, and equipment and uniforms are provided. For more information on getting involved in this Olympic sport, call 301-562-1990, email, or visit



DCFC takes top spots at two club tournaments this weekend

Champagne Challenge and D and Under Results


DCFC’s got talent at all levels of fencing! This weekend, DC Fencers Club hosted two tournaments, and club members took the podium spots in both.


Thirty six fencers from clubs as far as Pennsylvania attended DCFC’s first D & Under Senior Mixed Epee tournament on Saturday, and DCFCers swept six of the top eight spots.


Then on Sunday, at the first Epee Champagne Challenge of the season, DCFCers swept seven of the top eight spots.


Thanks to our meet managers and referees for your time and talent. Congratulations to all our fencers who got in the game, and a special salute to the following DCFC fencers.


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DCFC D & Under Senior Mixed Epee

Saturday, September 27


Tianxing Cao, gold


Rory Nevins, silver


Daniel Sitbon-Taylor, bronze


Matteo Berger, seventh place


Claire Busch, eighth place


Full results on


DCFC Epee Champagne Challenge

Sunday, September 28


Byron Neslund, gold


Corwin Duncan, silver


Andrew Nosil, bronze


Rebecca Chimahusky, bronze


Dennis Kraft, fifth place


David Ruskin, sixth place


Mateo Rueda, seventh place


Full results on



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Upcoming Tournaments at DCFC


Remember to sign up for the upcoming tournaments at DCFC include


October 5 – The Tom Wright Memorial Veteran Tournament – three weapons, both genders, and all the fun!


November 1 – DCFC C and Under Epee Champagne Challenge – more festivus for the rest of us!


November 2 – DCFC Epee Champagne Challenge – join us and make a strong event even stronger.


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Five reasons to learn fencing meet management

$$$ – the average DC-area meet manager makes about $100.00.  That’s three tournament fees, a world-class blade, or some private lessons.



2) Learn more about fencing.  The action on the strip is just one facet of the game.  Get the big picture and you’ll understand the game that much more.



3) Do you like calling the shots?  Now’s your chance!  You get to pick the pools, the DEs, decide on beefs with irate fencers.  Exercise absolute authority!



4) Fencing Time is the software we use to run tournaments.  It’s very user friendly, and now the FIE is using it.



5) Grow the sport of fencing.  Running tournaments is a skill that can’t be outsourced.  Get involved and help our sport flourish!


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Register for the October 4 Meet Manager Clinic on!


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DCFC Medals at the Kickoff Classic!


From L-R: Isaac Shelanski, Kashi Way, Claire Busch, Sanzhina Erdeeva, Nirali Igoe, and Dennis Kraft celebrate big wins at the 2014 Virginia Kickoff. Photo by David Ruskin.

Congratulations to all our fencers for getting in the game at the 2014 Kickoff Open, which took place Sept. 13-14, 2014 at the Fredericksburg Expo Center in Fredericksburg, VA.

The Kickoff was hosted by the Virginia Division and is the first Regional Open Circuit (ROC) in the area. We saw strong fencing at this ROC, one of several around the country that are designed to offer competitive opportunities that are bigger than local tournaments, and a solid training opportunity for national, North American Cup events.



Peter Souders wins gold in Senior Men’s Sabre at the 2014 Virginia Kickoff. Photo by David Ruskin.

A special kudos to the following DCFC fencers for bringing home medals.

Dennis Kraft, gold, Division 1A Senior Men’s Epee

Peter Souders, gold, Senior Men’s Sabre

Brooke Sirico, bronze, Senior Women’s Epee

Rebecca Chimahusky, fifth place, Senior Women’s Epee

Samuel Cohen, fifth place, C and Under Senior Men’s Sabre

Isaac Shelanski, sixth place, Division 1A Senior Men’s Epee

Kashi Way, sixth place, Division 1A Senior Men’s Epee

Sam Dietrich, sixth place, C and Under Senior Men’s Epee

Jacob Asch, sixth place, Senior Men’s Sabre

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Thanks to David Ruskin for this photo album of the Kickoff, on the DCFC Facebook page.

For full results, visit


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Each generation of fencing champions gets its start in a beginner class.  This fall, DCFC offers several beginner fencing classes to introduce young people to the benefits of this Olympic sport. Beyond the fitness benefits, fencing promotes intellectual development, decision making skills, self discipline, and confidence.  DCFC fencing classes are for children ages 7 and up, and beginner through intermediate fencers are welcome.  Equipment and uniforms are provided.  For more information on getting involved in this Olympic sport, call 301-562-1990, email, or visit

DC #fencingmob takes over the National Mall

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Valerie Asher (seated, in front), organized a magnificent dc #fencingmob. Photo by David Ruskin


September 11, 2014


DC #fencingmob takes over the National Mall


On Sunday, September 7, more than More than 30 fencers from clubs across the Washington-Baltimore metropolitan area met on the National Mall as part of a global fencing flash mob to promote this Olympic sport.


The event was one of many around the world, as fencers took to the streets to showcase their sport in iconic public spaces. In Washington DC, the group marched onto the Mall with Russell Ramsey, the chair of the Washington 2024 committee, who is working to bring the Summer Olympics to the area. With the Capitol on one side and the Washington Monument on the other, the group of fencers ranging in age from 7 to over 70 drew a crowd that included local fencing enthusiasts as well as interested onlookers new to fencing.

10549853_10154553397295223_2464931924529586600_o (1)

DCFC member Valerie Asher with Sunil Sabharwhal, US Representative to the FIE.


With the crowd of supporters was Sunil Sabharwhal, who has a distinguished career in international sport, representing the US fencing community internationally at the sports’ governing body, the Federation Internationale d’Escrime and serving as Chief of Mission for the US fencing at the Beijing Olympics.


DC #fencingmob. Photo by Alex Keto


Following the event, Alessandro Noto of the Italian Fencing Federation reported that in Italy alone, #fencingmobs took place in more than 71 cities. Across the globe, fencers in more than 50 cities in all five continents participated in the flashmob. A first estimate shows more than 7,500 fencers of all ages participated worldwide. Remarkable images and video captured fencing flashmobs in front of the Colosseum in Rome, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, near Big Ben in London, at the southernmost tip of South America in Ushuaia, Argentina, Sydney, Australia, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Washington, DC, and dozens of other remarkable cities around the world. Plans are already in the works for a #fencingmob in 2015.


Thanks to David Ruskin for some beautiful photos of the DC #fencingmob. See them on the DCFC Facebook page.

Watch the DCFC video of the DC #fencingmob.

See the international collection of #fencingmob photos.

Watch the international playlist of #fencingmob videos.

Follow the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at #fencingmob.


Finally, the DC #fencing mob would not have happened without the tenacious efforts of Valerie Asher. She managed two permit applications, overcame two denials, submitted two appeals, held one meeting with the Park Service, and even garnered help from a congressional office in order for the Capitol Division to receive a permit for this flash mob. Thanks to Valerie Asher for your dedication, and thanks to all our volunteers, families, and friends for supporting this event.




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Three medals in five days. Just a regular week for #1 ranked Amanda Sirico




Amanda Sirico at the 2014 Summer Nationals and July NAC. Photo by David Ruskin.

Amanda Sirico takes gold in the Junior Women’s Epee event at the U.S. Fencing National Championships and July North American Cup.  With this win, she maintains her rank as the #1 Junior Women’s Epee fencer in the United States.

In a feat of endurance as well as skill, Amanda fenced in seven grueling direct elimination bouts to take gold, competing in a field of 227 fencers.  In the gold medal match, she served a  coup de grace to Emma Von Dadelszen with a definitive 15-6 win.
Only two days ago, Sirico took the #6 spot in the Senior Women’s Epee event, competing alongside London Olympians Courtney and Kelley Hurley.
And on Thursday (6/26), Amanda anchored the DCFC team which took bronze in the Senior Women’s Team Epee, a championship event at Summer Nationals.

From L-R: DCFC club mate Rachel Kraft with the bronze-medal winning DCFC Senior Women’s Epee Team Amanda Sirico, Katherine Sizov, Rebecca Chimahusky, and Brooke Sirico. Joining them, referee Marek Stepien. Photo by Sally Gifford

Sirico is competing alongside 61 other fencers from DC Fencers Club at the 2014 US Fencing National Championships and July North American Cup.  This is the largest fencing event in the world, bringing together more than 4,000 fencers of all ages and ability levels to compete in an array of events, both Championship events, which culminate the 2013-2014 season and North American Cup events which kick off the 2014-2015 season.
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