Class Descriptions

Beginner Sabre fencing classes are specifically tailored for children ages 7 to 11 who have not fenced before. The goal of the beginner class is to safely teach students the basic of sabre actions, introduce them to fencing, and lead them through a variety of condition exercises that will improve their balance, agility and timing. The classes are organized into four consecutive, progressive 8-week sessions that enable all students to continue to build their fencing skills, techniques and knowledge. Club equipment is provided for all beginning fencers.Classes are limited to 20 students to ensure quality instruction.

The Advanced Beginner sabre classes prepares students aged 9 to 11 who have participated in at least one DCFC beginners’ session with the additional fencing skills, techniques and knowledge they need to move on to the Intermediate level. The classes are organized into four consecutive, progressive 8-week sessions that offer all students more fencing experience & fun so they are ready to participate in club competitions. Classes are limited to 20 students to ensure quality instruction.

Intermediate Sabre classes are designed for children ages 9 and above who have completed a Beginner and an Advanced Beginner sabre session. The program is geared toward advancing each fencer’s skills and providing them with considerable experience fencing electric so that they are prepared to compete in local, regional and US Fencing Association tournaments. Intermediate classes are held twice each week, on Tuesdays and Saturdays and are limited to 20 students to ensure quality instruction.

Advanced Sabre fencing classes are designed for students aged 10 and older who have fenced and competed for two years or more. Students in this class have mastered basic and intermediate fencing techniques and are ready to learn more complex fencing actions. The Advanced sabre class meets twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Elite Sabre classes are for students who have mastered advanced fencing techniques and regularly compete in regional and national USFA competition as well as in NCAA, collegiate, Junior Olympic and international tournaments. The Elite class meets twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays and free fence three or four additional times each week.

With Coach Ilya Lobanenkov:

Introduction to Olympic Fencing (Ages 7 to 13) with Coach Lobanenkov is an ongoing drop in class where anyone under 13 years of age is welcome. The class is modeled after a system used in a lot of martial arts schools and some Montessori concepts. The first half hour is spent on fencing specific physical activities and perfecting basic form. The second half hour is dedicated to sparring and arbitrating bouts. The kids learn to stay on task, spar with etiquette, communicate and the joy of sport. Class meets every Wednesday at 4pm-5pm and runs throughout the year. 

Ongoing Olympic Fencing (Ages 13 and up) with Coach Lobanenkov is an ongoing drop in class where anyone over 13 years of age is welcome. During the first hour advanced students and beginners train together: warming up, playing fencing specific games and performing footwork exercises. The beginners learn basics from the coach and by imitating more experienced fencers. The experienced fencers work on perfecting form. During the second hour the class is split into two sections. The assistant of the coach takes the beginners and helps them suit up, explains the rules of the sport and sets up bouts. The only difference between the advanced students and beginners in this class is that  the advanced students have a full set of gear. For someone that has never fenced before, it is an opportunity to see what awaits them if they decide to continue with the sport. Class meets every Saturday at 12:30-2:30 pm and runs throughout the year.

Competitive Bouting (By Invitation Only) with Coach Lobanenkov. The coach invites fencers that have dedicated at least three days of the week to fencing and sets up sparring situations focusing on developing the USFA competitor. Complex fencing actions are deconstructed, analyzed and improvised on. Tournament discipline and preparation skills are developed. Students in this class are expected to be self motivated and comfortable with basic actions. The whole time of the class is dedicated to sparring and the occasional line drill. Class meets every Saturday at 11am-12:30pm, but students are expected to arrive no later than 10:30am in order to warm up and stretch. When this class conflicts with a local (less than 50 miles from DCFC) competition, the coach works with the students at the competition.

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