DCFC congratulates our graduating high school seniors and wishes them continued success in their college careers and fencing. Please email us if you have updates.


Class of 2014

Jack Butler  Epee  Brown University

Brian Jackson  Epee  Drexel University

Marisa Posner  Epee New York University

Julian Raul Epee  Brown University

Amanda Sirico  Epee  University of Notre Dame

Roshan Talagala  Foil, Epee  University of Maryland

Class of 2013

James Cameron Sabre University of Maryland
Lillie Lainoff Sabre Yale
Ian Richards Sabre Yale
Reed Srere Sabre Yale
Conrad Sutter Epee Notre Dame
Carolyn Townsend Epee Boston College

Class of 2012

Kirsten Alman Epee Fordham University

Gordon Long Sabre University of North Carolina

Justin Swick Epee University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Class of 2011

Eugene Chung Saber Duke

Theo Cohen Epee University of Pennsylvania

Channing Foster Epee Notre Dame

Albert He Epee Notre Dame

Michael Josephs Saber Columbia

Tallin Walker Epee University of Alaska

Class of 2010

Bryan Isherwood Epee James Madison University

Annie Stephenson Epee Penn State 

Kyra Swick Epee Penn State

Zen Yui Epee Cornell

Anna Zakas Epee Ohio State

Sam Zucker Epee Penn State

Class of 2009

Clark Hathaway Saber Middlebury

James Kaull Epee Notre Dame

Jerzy Lasota Saber St Mary’s

Jackie Leval Saber NYU

Jacob Levitt Saber Duke

John Morin Epee Michigan

Maddie Oliver Saber Yale

Jack Piaso Epee Notre Dame

Roshan Singh Epee McGill

Class of 2008

Alex Cohen Epee Yale

Henry Crocker Saber Sacred Heart

Sarah Danly Saber Tufts

Corwin Duncan Epee Maryland

Jonathan Holbrook Saber Yale

Sean Leahy Epee Columbia

Aaron Ruby Saber Haverford

Peter Souders Saber Boston College

Sasha Taskier Saber Northwestern

Alec Thompson Epee MIT

Class of 2007

Matt Josephs Epee Drew

Roman Picou Epee Concordia

Class of 2006

Andrew Holbrook Epee Yale

Damien Lehfeldt Epee Brandeis

Gustav Loanus Epee Dartmouth

Byron Neslund Epee NYU

Charlotte Rose Saber Brown

Class of 2005

Jasmine Cooper Epee Fairleigh Dickinson

Max Czapansky Epee Columbia

Abby Fraeman Epee Yale

Rachel Hunter Epee Cornell

Jessica Leval Saber Cornell

Long Ouyang Foil Harvard

Noah Rosenheck Epee Brandeis

Christina Salvator Epee Brown

Sabrina Shapiro Foil Temple

Alex Sullivan Epee Columbia

Class of 2004

Joanna Drews Epee Temple

Erica Hartmann Saber Johns Hopkins